The art of adjusting a bike, to fit a body
Bike Fitting Kit
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Bike Fitting Kit

The Bike Fitting Kit is a do-it-yourself kit for Road & Mountain bikes!

Instructional bike fitting DVD now included.

Bike Fitting Kit adjustment for knee angle on a road bicycle"The Bike Fitting Kit will get you within striking distance of the most important and often underestimated factor in riding, proper bike fit." Ron Koch, Bicycling Magazine test editor

The Bike Fitting Kit comes with an instructional DVD that teaches correct positioning and shows how to achieve it.  You will learn how your body will benefit from correct positioning, and the consequences of not having it.  The first part of the fitting is the stationary fit. This will get you close to your ideal position. This is where most bike fittings stop. At Cycle Time LLC, we take it one step further. You will get an additional tool that will allow you to fine tune your bike, based on your body’s feedback. That tool is a Fine Tuning guide. It is a list of the top 16 pain related problems caused by an incorrectly adjusted bike, and then it tells you the recommended adjustments to make to eliminate the discomfort. This will allow you to fine tune your bike with confidence, and start riding pain free, at your full potential. 


"What I liked about the kit was how easy it was to use, and the Fine Tuning Guide is great"
Evan- BikeRumor test editor.

The following adjustments will be made using The Bike Fitting Kit:

  • Foot placement / Cleat adjustment
  • Saddle height
  • Saddle Angle
  • Saddle Fore/Aft
  • Handlebar width
  • Bicycling Magazine's The Fit ChickHandlebar height
  • Handlebar reach
  • Handlebar rotation
  • Brake lever positioning

The Following is included in the kit:

  • Instructional DVD
  • Fine Tuning guide
  • Cue sheet
  • Tips to make you a better cyclists
  • 12 in. Goniometer
  • Plumb bob
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • 4,5, and 6mm hex keys

Not everyone can have a custom bike, but everyone can have a custom fit!
Recommended by:

  • Selina Yeagar  (The Fit Chick), Bicycling Magazine.
  • Ron Koch, Bicycling Magazine test editor.
  • Ed Pevelka, Founder of RoadBikeRider.con. He has served as editor of VeloNews, executive editor of Bicycling magazine and produced more than three-dozen cycling books
  • Robert Cumine, Bicycles Network Australia test editor.  I now don’t have any cramps at all and I noticed a substantial difference in my power output. A slight adjustment has saved me a few hundred dollars in a bike fit.”

“A custom fit at an affordable price!”


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